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Agency Profile

Our company is in the communications business.

More importantly, so is yours.

No matter what product you produce or what service you provide, your ability to communicate effectively with prospects, customers, vendors, employees and the media controls the volume and velocity of your revenues.

This communication is your unique voice.

This unique voice is your brand.

Your brand is our business.

About Base Strategies

Base Strategies Marketing Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in public relations, print advertising and strategic marketing campaigns. We are a sales and marketing consulting firm that develops high-growth, high-profit strategies for our clients.

Founded in early 1999 by Michael Doyon and Matthew Anderson, we aim, along with Chief Financial Officer Jeremy Kirk, Director of Media Relations Joshua Kroeker and all support staff, to make the media and your target market believers and even endorsers of your idea.

Base Strategies currently operates out of two offices in the Ottawa area.

Company Talent

  • Michael Doyon - President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Matthew Anderson - Senior Vice President
  • Jeremy Kirk - Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Joshua Kroeker - Director of Media Relations
  • Aaron Schenk - Account Manager