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At Base Strategies, we know how to get results for our clients.

A.L.Landscaping: prides itself on doing and completing a landscape, lawnrepair and other duties well. With over one-hundred clients throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas, A.L.Landscaping caters to your lawn's every need.

CJMS Bulldog Radio: is a short broadcast from John McCrae Secondary School. The station is run by students from the school all day and there is a brief talk show from 11:40 am to 12:35 pm. It can be viewed/heard on channel 10 (within the school).

JMSS Athletic Department: is the home of John McCrae Secondary School's Bulldog athletic department. Offers visitors the chance to view stats, reports, press releases provided by John McCrae.

techrelease: A well written press release sent to the right people can result in more media coverage than any amount of advertising could ever bring. And with the introduction of Press Releases via the Internet they have become even more effective.

Total Distribution Services: is the leader in newspaper, editorial, and magazine distribution in the Ottawa area. Clients include The Globe & Mail, New York Times, Ottawa Citizen, National Post and Ottawa Sun.