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"We can do business with anybody, anywhere"

By: Jacob Donaldson
As seen in: Marketing Monthly
Location doesn't matter according to young marketing duo

Ottawa, Ont - May 24, 2000 - "We're breaking down the walls here," says Michael Doyon, President and CEO of Base Strategies. His company is growing so fast they're running out of office space.

The latest addition to the team, Matthew Anderson, the former director of media relations at CJMS Bulldog Radio, reflects Base Strategies' emphasis on technology.

"Our business has become very tech focused," Doyon says. "Fifty percent of our business is involves high tech."

He says the Internet has made it easy for a Nepean based marketing company to spread a client's message throughout the entire area.

And, he says, they can do it for less money. With lower overhead costs and a favourable exchange rate, companies like Base Strategies can undercut their pricey competitors. Formerly named Spinner Records, now J.Comp., for example, signed on with Base Strategies because of their low costs.

"We can do business with anybody, anywhere," he says.

Doyon says high tech companies are much more focused on public relations than advertising. While most firms do run ads, send out direct mail and turn up at trade shows, they all take a back seat to PR. No amount of advertising delivers the credibility that comes from positive industry analysts' reports and press coverage.

He says the first step in a successful public relations campaign is to discover the one feature that makes his client unique in the marketplace. "What do you do and how do you do it better than anyone else?" he asks.

Doyon, a former journalist and Cardinal Beak reporter, was a senior VP at Core Solutions when he left in early 2000 to form Base Strategies with partner Matthew Anderson.

The company's current client list includes names such as A.L.Landscaping, Spinner Records, Fairway Lawncare, CJMS Bulldog Radio, and TDS (Total Distribution Services).

CJMS is a Base Strategies success story. When Doyon and his crew started to work for 'The Bulldog', they expected the best. "Once we began on CJMS, our mission was simple - succeeding. We wouldn't settle for anything less".

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Base Strategies Marketing Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in public relations, print advertising and strategic marketing campaigns. We are a sales and marketing consulting firm that develops high-growth, high-profit strategies for our clients. With 4 employees and support staff in offices in Ottawa and Manotick, Base Strategies helps to build their businesses through effective marketing strategies programs.

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